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5 Of The Cheapest Countries In The World For Westerners |

When it comes to budget travel, exploring the world can be daunting. With accommodation, flights, food and entertainment expenses to consider, travelling abroad can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are also the cheapest countries for westerners to visit. From Latin and Central America to Southeast Asia, here are the five cheapest countries in the world for westerners.

1. Nicaragua

The beautiful country of Nicaragua has stood out as one of the world’s most affordable destinations for decades now. Things such as accommodation and local transportation are incredibly cheap with rates fluctuating between $5-$20 USD per day for those willing to take public transportation or stay in budget hotel rooms. Eating out is also incredibly affordable with a full meal at a nice restaurant only costing around $5-8 USD depending on what you order. For a rich experience at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries in Central America, Nicaragua is a great destination for any budget traveler looking for an amazing adventure without breaking the bank.

2. Mexico
Mexico is known as one of the top tourist hot spots in North America and offers some of the best value for money when it comes to exploring abroad without spending too much money. Accommodation varies greatly depending on your chosen location but in popular destinations like Cancun or Playa Del Carmen you can find hostels as cheap as $10USD per night or hotel rooms from $30USD per night if you’re willing to look around and compare prices. Food is also extremely affordable with tacos costing just $1-2 USD each and full meals ranging from $7-15USD depending on what you order. With its beautiful beaches and stylish cities, Mexico is an all around great value destination and offers plenty of opportunities for budget travellers looking to explore without breaking too much of a sweat on finances!

3. Vietnam
Vietnam is fast becoming one of Asia’s premier budget travel destinations with backpackers flocking there thanks to its magical landscapes, incredible beaches, delicious cuisine and laidback culture all at an extremely reasonable price tag! Accommodation can range from dormitory rooms in cheap hostels costing around $10USD per night or even more basic options that can cost as low as $3USD per night – perfect for those travelling on an ultra tight budget! Food wise there are plenty of options when eating out with full meals costing less than$2-3 USD each depending on what you choose – making eating out far less expensive than it would be back home!

4. Colombia
Located in South America not far from Panama, Colombia offers stunning scenery combined with incredibly cheap prices compared to its northern counterpart countries like Ecuador or Peru! Accommodation ranges from basic hostel dormitory style rooms costing around $10USD per night or private double/twin rooms around$15-$20USD per night – allowing travellers happy mediums based upon their own personal budgets! Eating out can also be incredibly affordable with delicious full meals ranging between just$3-4 USD meaning you won’t need too much money just to eat either!

5. Thailand
Last but definitely not least we have Thailand – possibly one of Southeast Asia’s most popular travel destination whether you’re a luxury traveller looking for some comfort or someone who wants to get by on an ultra tight budget – Thailand has something that everyone will enjoy! Accommodation ranges widely depending on which city/town you visit but even luxury 5 star hotels offer some very reasonable rates starting from around$25-$30USD per night whilst more basic hotels cost just$5-$10USD per night depending on how basic you want things to get! Food wise Thailand has something that everyone will love with delicious street foods available from as low as$1-$2 USD each plus Thai restaurants offering main dishes starting from just$4-5 USD making it an ideal spot if your priority is saving money whilst still having fun exploring new places!
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