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Americans Are Moving To Mexico In Droves & Here’s Why |

Over the past several years, record numbers of Americans have been moving to Mexico for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a lower cost of living and better quality of life, while others seek to retire in a beautiful and culturally-rich setting. Whatever the motivation may be, Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular destination for US citizens.

For those looking to save money on their living expenses, life in Mexico can be considerably cheaper than in the United States. The cost of food is often cheaper than in the US and healthcare costs are much lower – especially if you choose to purchase one of the affordable private medical plans available through local carriers. Prices on everyday items such as clothing, electronics, household goods, etc., are also significantly lower than those found in most parts of the States.

Mexico’s incredible diversity when it comes to lifestyle choices is another major draw for many Americans. From vibrant beachfront resorts to traditional small towns in the interior, there’s something to accommodate almost any taste and budget. The same goes for housing options. Whether you’re looking for a grand hacienda-style estate or an affordable apartment in a bustling city center, there’s plenty to choose from all over Mexico. Additionally, modern infrastructure including roads, internet access and public transportation make life easier while giving access to even more activities and amenities nearby.

The cultural richness that exists throughout Mexico is another major reason why many Americans are moving south of the border. With its combination of Spanish colonial history and indigenous culture, exploring Mexico is like stepping into another time period entirely! Each region has its own unique customs and traditions that make it well worth discovering – and with an ever-expanding collection of international restaurants offering delicious cuisine from all around the world, no palate will ever get bored!

Finally, many people are drawn by the endless opportunity that exists when it comes to retirement planning. Pension programs like those offered by AARP allow retirees age 50 or over to receive income tax-free while enjoying all that Mexico has to offer – without compromising on quality of life or safety concerns either! Moreover with progressive tax policies on foreign income as well as a favorable exchange rate versus other Latin American countries, US citizens can maximize their returns while soaking up all that this breathtaking country has on offer!

For these reasons (and many more!), more American citizens than ever before have been making the move down south – so if you’re looking for an escape from high living costs or simply want to experience a new culture without sacrificing your quality-of-life standards then consider heading south today!
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