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Why Are Americans Leaving The USA & Moving Overseas In Record Numbers |

In recent years, the number of Americans leaving the United States and heading abroad has been steadily increasing. According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 16% of adults in the U.S. said they would like to move abroad permanently if they had the chance. This figure is even higher among young people, with 25% of Millennials saying they would like to flee America for good. While there are no definitive statistics on how many Americans have actually made the move abroad, it’s clear that many citizens are choosing to leave their homeland and take up residence in foreign countries.

So what’s driving this mass migration? There are a number of factors at play both at home and abroad that are contributing to this trend. These reasons can be divided into two categories: economic incentives and social/lifestyle reasons.

Economically speaking, many people find that life outside the United States can be much more affordable than inside it. A strong dollar means American salaries often go further when spent in markets with weaker currencies; this can lead to an improved standard of living for those who move abroad and take up employment there. In addition, some countries have a lower cost of living or offer attractive tax incentives for foreign residents, making them even more attractive destinations for American expats.

On top of these financial considerations, another major factor drawing people out of the United States is lifestyle-related reasons such as wanting a change of scenery or seeking better opportunities elsewhere. Many people feel stifled by traditional American values or bored with the same old routine; moving overseas offers them a chance to seek new experiences in different cultures or pursue career paths not available back home. Some people may also move out of the U.S in search of improved quality of life – from healthcare systems to environmental standards – as well as increased personal freedom afforded by living in countries which don’t share America’s restrictive policies on things like gun ownership and cannabis use.

All these factors combined ensure that America’s outward migration shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon – so if you’re thinking about upping sticks and starting your own life overseas, you wouldn’t be alone!
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